Fun at Your Passover Seder

Fun at Your Passover Seder

Passover begins next month, and if you have never attended a Passover Seder, you might not know that it is a ceremonial dinner made long with many rituals and customs, including reading the story of Exodus.

For families with small children, reinterpreting the rituals in a fun way helps kids stay interested and engaged with the meal. Before Passover, kids can get to work on some craft projects to incorporate into the meal’s festivities, including making paper bag puppets or origami figures to depict the ten plagues God visited on Egypt. My favorite is making origami frogs, which make really cool place cards.

Another fun activity is to hold a haroset throwdown, as a fun family I know did last year. If you aren’t familiar with haroset, it is one of the symbolic foods eaten during the Seder meal. It is a mixture of diced apple, wine, nuts, cinnamon and honey, and it represents the mortar used by the Israelite slaves. Almost every family has their own favorite version, and it can be fun to have a tasting to determine whose haroset is the most delicious.

Want to try haroset? This is a good basic recipe.

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