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Help for parents and teachers

A survey showed that 53% of American adults felt they knew less about cooking than their parents did. Where does this leave America’s kids?

Lasting knowledge, healthful habits and unyielding curiosity. Aren't these the gifts that all caregivers want for their kids? Ingredient magazine cultivates cooking and eating competence in kids. Even kids who are self-described picky eaters like reading our magazine.

Our philosophy

At Ingredient magazine, we believe in cookies. And kale. And the power of both. The truth is that our world is full of all kinds of foods and all kinds of eaters, which family preferences and circumstances that can be wildly different. Ingredient includes information about and recipes for all kinds of foods. We aren’t about food shaming or scaring kids, or prescribing values for others because we don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world. We are about raising and addressing questions that likely occur in the minds of American kids today about the connections between food and the environment, food and history, food and technology, and food and physical health. We are also about entertaining and delighting our readers, too.

Media should respect kids

Reading is a way for kids to take back a quiet corner in an otherwise noisy world. We are an indie magazine. We are proudly ad-free (and we depend on our subscribers to stay that way). We are not sponsored by large corporations or public health organizations.
We aim to educate and entertain, with no overt (or covert) messaging about conforming to any cooking or eating ideals. We think kids should be respected and not patronized. Our heroes include Fred Rogers, Raffi and Linda Ellerbee. We aim to create similarly enriching material for young minds.

Free ideas and resources on our blog

Get great ideas about food, cooking and eating that will delight your favorite young people. With recipes and meal plans, plus science experiments and suggestions for hands-on food fun, the blog is a helpful resource for parents, teachers, and educators. The blog also features supplemental lesson plans and reproducibles